Q Anon: The Great Awakening

What is it?

Q Anon is a movement that promotes independent thought, research and using logic. The CIA created ‘Project Mockingbird’ over 70 years ago, and it continues to infiltrate Hollywood, both national and local press, and social media. We are currently engaged in the largest battle of information warfare ever known to man, and the entire globe’s well-being depends on genuine truth being exposed. What is done in darkness must be brought to light.

The major purpose of the Q Anon movement is to help people understand that their reality is being distorted by people who do not want you to know the full truth. [They] do not have the general public’s best interests in mind. It is not just in America, it affects many countries worldwide.

Who is Q?

Q claims to be a high-level military intelligence officer working directly for Donald Trump. He uses Socratic method (asking questions to to make the reader arrive at their own conclusion) in attempt to expose truth. For obvious reasons, Q posts do not give explicit details (classified information) and we as a movement are supposed to figure out the answers ourselves by doing the research. He posts clues (‘crumbs’) which are meant to lead researchers in appropriate directions.

Q is working with President Trump and White Hats (good guys) against the Black Hats (bad guys – Deep State). Examples of Deep State – Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates, Jeffrey Epstein and even the House of Saudi Arabia.

Where did Q come from?

Q first posted on the 4chan /pol board October 28th, 2017 predicting Hillary Clinton’s arrest and that the National Guard will be deployed to help in mass arrests of the Deep State. 4chan is unique in the fact that it is a comment board which allows users to remain anonymous based off the IP address generating a random combination of letters and number rather than requiring a username.

It may be important to note that 4chan /pol is the location of the original worldwide citizen investigation into Pizzagate, which was sparked by the Marina Abramovic Spirit Cooking dinner invite discovered in the Podesta Email Wikileaks in late October 2016. Q has now posted nearly 4,000 posts which all can be found at http://qmap.pub

The original Pizzagate primer first compiled from 4chan investigation can be found at dcpizzagate.wordpress.com. After reading the Wikileaks and researching Luciferian occult symbology, it is hard to deny these people are SICK!

Marina Abramovic, Spirit Cooker and Professional “Artist”. She was recently featured by Microsoft as ‘arguably the world’s most influential performance artist’ in an advertisement released on Good Friday.

Q Proofs (Predictions Come True):

China/CQ cancel:

“Nothing can stop what’s coming.”

Q predicts restructuring of Federal Reserve:

What are the major messages of Q?

The Deep State:

  • The Clowns In America (C 1 A) is a rogue, unregulated, Anti-American group of individuals working directly against the interest of We the People. The Rothschilds and George Soros are major funders of this group, who in turn are funded by international drug and human trafficking cartels. This does not mean EVERY member of the C 1 A is bad, but the agency is most definitely infiltrated by the Deep State. JFK was one of the only president’s to publicly express concern about the rogue agency and in reference to the C _ A said he wanted to splinter them to 1000 pieces and scatter them to the wind. The term “Conspiracy Theorist” was created by the C 1 A to silence questioners of JFK’s assassination.
  • The C 1 A controls politicians on both sides of the aisle, top Hollywood celebrities, and the media/press. They literally use artificial intelligence bot nets to create fake dissent or approval (propagandists). Fascist Saul Alinsky tactics (Rules for Radicals) are followed to a T by this group. The Deep State are new-age Nazis with better technology. The recent
  • push for requiring ‘digital health certificates’ before we will open America back up is a Deep State objective. Research ID 2020. They want to compile all of our health, financial, and social media data into a useable profile.

Mass Arrests:

  • A consistent theme in Q’s messages is to be patient because mass arrests are coming. Q claims that a military operation will take place to clean up the Deep State. FISA spying abuses are supposedly the start of the Deep State dominos falling.
  • People implicated are greatly powerful, such as Hillary Clinton, Obama, James Comey and Loretta Lynch. Q also hints that some celebrities and powerful media/press figures are implicated.

Satanic Ritual Abuse and Spirit Cooking

  • This is the part of Q that is deeply disturbing to any person with morals, conscience or a heart of any kind. Original Pizzagate/Spirit Cooking individuals know it to be inherently true. There is a fair amount of evidence implicating that these specific elite partake in Satanic rituals of abuse and cannibalism. Follow the white rabbit. I am not going to go into too much depth here because if you want confirmation, it is easy enough to find it. Just Google ‘Marina Abramovic Spirit Cooking’, ‘Tony Podesta Art’ or ‘Adrenochrome’ if you really want to know more about this.


  • Q tells us to put on our Full Armor of God – these people are sick. These people are evil and they have infiltrated all levels of society. Whether you believe in God or not, it is undoubtedly true that the Deep State believes they gain power from worshipping Satan. The symbology is all over, you just need to know what to look for. Freedom of religion is one thing, but torturing animals or people to please Satan is NOT OK AND HIGHLY ILLEGAL! If you look throughout the past 50 years, most criminals accused of SRA have charges dropped. Why? (You can read more about the C 1 A covering up Luciferian international child trafficking cults at http://vault.fbi.gov/the-finders or a quick summary at http://finderscult.wordpress.com.)
  • Whether you believe in any particular religion or not, it is undoubtedly true that we are in a battle of good versus evil. Disinformation campaigns are being used by the Deep State to deceive the masses (who still buy into MSM narratives manipulated by the C 1 A – such as the ‘Russian collusion’ hoax meant to subvert Donald Trump’s duly elected presidency).
  • We already know who wins in the battle of good versus evil. Ultimately, many more people on this Earth are good than evil. Many are lost souls influenced by the drugs and media brainwashing, but not evil.

The Great Awakening

  • Q needs our help to red-pill and wake up the masses. Five Eyes illegal spying partners includes America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. The Great Awakening is WORLDWIDE. The majority of people have been deceived and led astray by Project Mockingbird propaganda. They told us Pizzagate was ‘fake news’, and the same people tell us ‘Q Anon is a conspiracy theory’. If you take the time to research mainstream media’s claims, you will easily see that they are lying. Pizzagate has never been debunked. Simply claiming it is debunked does not actually make it so. The Wikileaks code words, Satanic art, Spirit Cooking, and FBI declassified pedophile symbology in company logos and on public Instagrams has never even been debunked. Mainstream media will not even touch it or show it to viewers. It is too damning!
  • It is our duty to help ‘wake up’ the sleeping and help lift the veil to Satan’s deceit. We need to help others understand Donald Trump is actually working for good and to help not only American citizens, but global citizens affected by the wretched chokehold the Deep State has on humans of Earth. If we do not make sure the majority of people understand this, we risk massive rioting and/or crime when mass arrests of politicians, celebrities and press take place.
  • The minimum you can do is pray for the safety of those on the front-lines battling the Invisible Enemy. The maximum you can do is to put on your Full Arm of God and confront people with the truth. This is INFORMATION WARFARE. Satan wants to trick people into working against their own interests and overthrowing Donald Trump. Deep State will attempt to keep America closed until voting, require mail-in voting, and then cheat to gain power back.

Q Proofs:

  • The National Guard is now deployed
  • Federal indictments have been filed by US Atty Durham against FISA spy abuses
  • President Trump has announced full military war against drug and human trafficking cartels
  • President Trump has gained control of the Rothschilds’ centralized banking entity known as the Federal Reserve
  • President Trump cut funding to WHO which is a major blow to globalist plots, including Bill Gates’ depopulation and vaccine agendas (perhaps those are not separate)

Other messages to note:

  • Scare event necessary
  • NO OUTSIDE COMMUNICATIONS (anyone claiming to be Q is a fake)
  • Symbolism will be their downfall
  • PANIC in DC (Patriots Are Now In Control)
  • WWG1WGA (Where We Go 1, We Go All)
  • These people are sick
  • Biggest intel drop in American history
  • You were chosen for a reason
  • The Storm Has Arrived!

To keep up to date with current happenings, feel free to browse the following hashtags on Twitter (although censorship has been extreme lately): #QAnon #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #DarkToLight #DeepState

A good red-pill documentary for beginners to help understand CIA propaganda is Out of Shadows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wTiCxXgrJw I highly recommend sharing this video with people who may be on the fence!

Please remember that having your world view shattered can be extremely difficult. It is also important that people who have been awake to the evil for a while be there to comfort those who are having a difficult time understanding the darkness. Truly horrible, unspeakable things are happening and one reason it has happened for so long is that the average person does not want to accept that such evil can even possibly exist. I’m sorry, but it’s true and we mustn’t close our eyes to it anymore. Let what is done in darkness come to light! Let the Earth show its slain bodies for all to see. Only truth will set us free.

About the author: The writer of this article has a Master of Science in Cognitive and Affective Psychology. She has been published twice in scientific journals. She composed the original Pizzagate primer compiled from the first days of 4chan citizen investigator research. Her most major goal and hope is that children and people of SRA and human trafficking will be rescued, and the Great Awakening will help us as a people to never allow the evil to take such strong roots ever again.

2 thoughts on “Q Anon: The Great Awakening

  1. This is great! Thank you. It will help me with my adult children and their husbands, my siblings and friends. I wonder if God picks one person in a fifty person radius to spread Q truth.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Very happy to hear that 🙂 And yes, I think God chooses his warriors to help spread the message. I was chosen back in the Pizzagate days. I will gladly always fight for his message ❤


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